#EndSARS: ‘If the Operation Crocodile Smile is to attack us, all na die’, AY tells FG

AY Comedia during an #EndSASR protest. Image credit: Twitter.com/AYCOMEDIAN ·
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It was recalled that a press release was tendered to Nigerians by the soldiers tagged “Crocodile smile” in quest to end the brutality amongst the youth no matter what it seems.

In a video shared via his page, the military was spotted to be focused in carrying out their duties while curbing the evil act portrayed by the policemen or SARS such as reluctance to work, receiving bribes etc.

Afterward, the comedian urged the soldiers to stand their grounds to continue dealing with the irresponsible police officers else the campaign continues: thereby not deceiving them because the youths are angry.

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He said: “If what I see in this video is what the military is coming to do on the roads, then no problem but if their announced crocodile smiles intervention is designed to attack us, they will find out that what we have run down our cheeks is not crocodile tears.All die na die.”

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