Heavy Gunshots as Looters Invade NYSC CAMP in Abuja

Image credit: Vanguard
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Scores of looters on Tuesday morning broke into the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp in Kubwa, Abuja, carting away electronics, mattresses, utensils, and other valuable items.

While the warehouse at the camp was reported to be empty, the looters attacked some residents of the camp as well as business centers adjacent the camp.

According to report from Vanguard, the looters had blocked the road at about 9 am, turning back motorists while the Kubwa village was immediately shut by its managers to avoid any possible invasion.

While soldiers and Nigeria police officers tried to resist the looters, the Nigerian Air Force and the Airwing of the Nigeria Police embarked on air patrol with helicopters hovering around the scene.

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Following this confusion, some parents and guardians were forced to go and evacuate their wards from schools in the location.

Though the looters were armed with machetes, sticks, jackknives and other dangerous weapons, some residents of the area were said to have earlier joined in the looting.

An eyewitness who chose to be anonymous ‘’carted away all removable such as desktop computer, generators, cooking pots, laptops, ceiling fan, plasma TV, and foodstuff in NYSC camp’’.  

He added that some of the stolen items were owned by private individuals residing at the NYSC camp.

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