How To Start a Poultry Business In Nigeria and make it fast

How To Start a Poultry Business In Nigeria and make it fast
How To Start a Poultry Business In Nigeria and make it fast
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If you have plans to start a poultry business then this article is for you. Even for those who don’t have a standing plan to start a poultry business can also draw inspiration from this guide. The poultry business deals with the rearing of birds, they could be a hen, turkey, duck, and so on. You need to put into consideration some certain things which will be mentioned in this guide before you start the poultry business.

Whether you want to rear birds for meat, egg, or both, you are sure to win on both sides provided you understand the rudiment of poultry business long before you start one.

Pick the type of poultry business you want

As explained earlier that there are two types of poultry business. You can choose to rear chicken for meat or for an egg. Your decision will determine the type of hens that you will purchase. For instance, if you want to rear them for meat, you should consider buying broilers, but if you want to rear them for an egg, then you should go for layers. Meanwhile, you can decide to do both simultaneously provided you have the resources to do that.

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Choose the type of Bird for your poultry

We have mentioned earlier that there are different types of birds which are hens, turkey, duck, and the rest. The type of bird you select must be determined by your knowledge about the bird on how to rear them. Also, the size of your poultry will determine the types of birds you will select.

Select Farm Location

The location of your farm is very important. Ensure that the location of your farm has all the needed facilities to take care of your farm. Also, the location of your farm must be motorable in order to move your farm to produce faster.

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Source For Capital

You need enough capital to run and sustain your poultry business. The return on investment of poultry takes a longer time to achieve because not until the birds are enough for sale there is no income yet. So you must ensure that you have enough capital not only to start the business but so to keep running the business until profit starts coming.

Get a brand

We live in a world where branding has become the fastest means of awareness and advertisement. A brand gives an identity to any business venture. Your poultry business also needs to have a means of identification. For this, you might need to consult a brand strategist to develop a catchy brand for your business.

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Publicize Your Farm

Your farm produce will amount to nothing if there are no people to purchase them and people need to know about your business before they patronize. This is where an advertisement and awareness campaign comes in. You might not have enough money for television or radio adverts that is why social media is your best bet. Spread the good news of your poultry business on social media using the right hashtags. If you really don’t know how to do this, you can employ the service of a social media manager.

Employ Professionals

You might not be able to cater to the farm alone no matter how knowledgeable you are that is why you need to employ more capable hands.

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