Identifying and exploiting investment opportunities in small and medium scale enterprises

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Many Nigerians believe that one can not start a business with little or no capital. This is not always true.

However, before you plunge into any business, you must be a good manager of resources and the surest source of capital is your own SAVINGS.

Before you venture into any business, check the availability of good market potential.

Another important thing to note is Patience. Patience is true, a virtue. You need time to create great things. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Then your “Mindset”, you must be focused and courageous.

If you possess all these qualities, you will make a good manager.

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See below list of things you can invest your time or money or both on to make money. Do not procrastinate, start now.

  1. Firewood Supply
  2. Meat Retailing
  3. Taxi Driving
  4. Charcoal Making
  5. Portrait Painting
  6. Home Laundry Service
  7. Rabbit Raising
  8. Growing Vegetables during the dry season
  9. Restaurant Service
  10. Rental Services: Chairs, Plates, etc
  11. Ice Block Production
  12. Garri Production
  13. Concrete Block Production
  14. Refuse Packing
  15. Photography
  16. Car Washing
  17. Driving School
  18. Coaching Classes
  19. Operating Barber’s Shop
  20. Knitting Children’s Sweater, Socks, Caps, etc
  21. Packaging of food items
  22. Poultry House
  23. Organizing Labour Squad
  24. Piggery
  25. Selling herbs (Medicinal leaves)
  26. Selling of food at building sites and school premises
  27. Sowing and Harvesting Contracts
  28. Renting Generator Set
  29. Hair Weaving
  30. Tailoring
  31. Bricklaying
  32. Plumbing
  33. Making Akara Balls
  34. GSM Business, Selling Recharge Cards, and Phone Accessories
  35. Snail Rearing
  36. Organizing Cooking squad
  37. Weaving Traditional Clothes
  38. Hunting and Fishing
  39. Roadside Mechanic
  40. Grasscutter rearing
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