Top Five Ways To Prevent Gas Cylinder Explosion At Home

Top Five Ways To Prevent Gas Cylinder Explosion At Home
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Gas cylinder explosion is becoming rampant lately with several cases reported. It is sad to hear or see people die from an accident that can be prevented. The dangers of a gas cylinder explosion are extremely overwhelming, if it doesn’t kill the victim right in the spot, it can render such person useless for life. Little wonder, so many homes have refused to change from stove to gas despite being the fastest and most environmentally friendly method of cooking.

We have good news for everyone who is sceptical about purchasing a gas cooker for their home. We will be highlighting the five most important ways of preventing a gas cylinder explosion at home. The basic truth is that more than 99% of those explosions that have been recorded were caused by one thing or the other, so if you can follow this guide, you will use your gas cylinder without stress or fear of explosion.

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Do not use your phone, or spark anything

Ensure that you don’t use your phone where the gas cylinder is located. The radio has electromagnetic waves especially when vibrating, this could cause an explosion especially when the gas is being used. Try as much as possible not to light a fire when the gas cylinder is open. Many people will on the gas for several seconds before they light it up. Once you the cylinder, the gas in it fills the air, and a spark in the wrong direction can cause an explosion.

Adhere Strictly To Manufacturer’s Instructions

Many people don’t even know that those cylinders have manuals for the use which contains a series of instructions on how to safely use the gas cylinder. Do not assume that you know it all, try as much as possible to study the manual and follow the instructions strictly.

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Do not fix any damage on the gas by yourself

Do not try to fix any problem on the gas cylinder by yourself. Having known that the consequences of a gas explosion are almost uncontrollably catastrophic, it is important that you don’t take chances. A gas cylinder is not one of the utensil tools that you fix by yourself, ensure that you consult a professional if you notice any abnormalities.

Ensure The Place of Use is Properly Ventilated

There is a certain temperature that is conducive for cooking with the gas cylinder. Once the temperature goes beyond that level of hotness, you stand a high risk of explosion. In order to prevent this from happening, try as much possible to ensure that your cooking space is properly ventilated.

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Have a standby fire extinguisher

While this option may not seem like a means for preventing an explosion, it is a perfect way of reducing the damage. Ensure that you have a standby fire extinguisher that you can quickly use to put out the fire if there is an explosion. The extinguisher can not prevent an explosion from happening, but it can help reduce the effect of the explosion.

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